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Thank you to everyone that made our Casino Night and Concert a HUGE success!

Your support allows us to continue to serve our Heroes!

September 10, 2017
Stand Down Ride

More Information Coming Soon!

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bullet The Commissary - A food pantry for our veterans who need a little help - More Info
bullet Quilts of Love - American themed quilts presented to our veterans and their widows - More Info
bullet Lodging Kits - Dishes, linen and appliances to help a homeless transitioning veteran with the items needed to start a household - More Info
bullet Veteran Resource Hub - A source of information for veterans that need a little help. - More Info
bullet Clothing Room - A new SAM Center program to help provide clothing for our Heroes. - More Info


The SAM Center was founded in March 2015 to assist local heroes and their families. We are a community of veterans and military supporters helping each other. We formed out of the belief that we can make the lives of service members, veterans and their widows better. The SAM Center collaborates with other community agencies to ensure programs are not being duplicated, while the gap in assistance is being filled. The facility was remodeled by the Founding Fathers and caring volunteers. Local businesses, including the Home Depot, and volunteers donated all materials.

Thanks to all of you we have grown very quick. Due to the increased activity of homeless Veterans transitioning from homeless to permanent housing, we currently have a shortage of the following items:

VOLUNTEERS!!!: We could use some help Monday, Wednesday & Friday - 9:00am - 3:00 pm Please call Craig at 330-956-6162 if you would like to volunteer!

  • Mens socks, 
  • Mens boxers (sizes medium and up)
  • Mens t-shirts (sizes large and up)
  • Mens sweat pants (Medium and large)
  • Mens jeans (popular sizes)
  • Mens shorts (sizes medium and up)
  • Sweat shirts (medium and up)
  • Womens tops (sizes large and up)
  • Womens underwear (sizes 9-10)


For the most current list of urgently needed items, please visit our Face Book page!

Honoring all those who are serving and have served, and their partners in life.

It is the mission of the SAM Center to honor their sacrifice, and through the communitiesí love, provide support and hope.

Thank You Veterans

For our freedom and safety!


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