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The SAM Center Commissary

The SAM Center operates a free commissary for our veterans, service members and their widows to insure that their basic needs are being met. Our Heroes can pick the items that best meet their personal needs, or essentially "Go Shopping" on us at no charge to them. They can typically "shop" for enough items to last them for up to two weeks for an individual, couple or family. Our clients can take advantage of this service once a month (by appointment).

The simple ability for our Heroes to "choose" their own groceries and household goods mean more to them than most people can imagine. We are not simply handing them a box of food, we are giving them the opportunity to pick out the items that they, and their families, enjoy and prefer. This is a small token for the sacrifices that they made for us!

We need your help to make this all happen. The SAM Center is funded by private donations from individuals, companies and organizations that are thankful for the service of our veterans.

Please visit our DONATION page for more information on how you can help.

For more information on how to set up an appointment for the Commissary, please contact us by any means on our Contact page.

Below is a list of items that we most frequently need for the Commissary. We will try to keep the items most desperately needed marked with an "*".

Please Note: No brand names mentioned are an endorsement or preference and are offered as an example only. Some websites listed may supply coupons.

For a list of the most urgently needed items, please visit our Face Book page.

Groceries - Proteins or Meals

Groceries - Starches / Pastas / Beans

Toiletries / Personal


Canned Meat (Beef, Pork, Spam, Vienna Sausages, etc...)   Mashed Potato Flakes - Boxed


Toilette Paper (ALWAYS needed)


Canned Poultry (Chicken, Turkey, etc...)   Canned Potatoes


Paper Towels


Canned Fish (Tuna, Salmon, Mackerel, Sardines, etc...)   Canned Sweet Potatoes / Yams


Kleenex Type Tissues


Canned Meals (Ravioli, Spaghetti, Beef Stew, Hash, Chili, etc...)   Boxed Potato Mixes (Au Gratin, Scalloped, etc...)   Body Wash
  Beef Sticks / Jerky   Microwavable Rice Mixes (Uncle Ben's)   Liquid Hand Soap
  Vienna / Cocktail Sausages   Boxed Rice Mixes (Zaterains)   Tooth Paste
      Microwavable and Boxed Pasta Meals   Bar Soap
      Raman Noodle Type Meals / Bowls   Shampoo / Conditioner
      Canned Beans (Baked, Pinto, Navy, Pork-N-Beans, Lima, Butter Beans, Refried, etc...)   Razors (Shaving)
      Bags of Dried Beans (Pinto, Navy, Northern, etc...)   Shaving Cream

Groceries - Vegetables

  Boxed Pasta (Elbow, Spaghetti, Penne, Rigatoni, Bowtie)   Feminine Hygiene Products
  Canned Mixed Vegetables   Instant Rice   Self Adhesive Bandages
  Canned Peas   Instant Oatmeal / Grits   Rubbing Alcohol

Groceries - Fruit

  Antiseptic Wipes
  Canned Carrots   Canned / Cupped Peaches   Tooth Brush
  Canned Green Beans (Straight Cut & French)   Canned / Cupped Pears   Combs
  Canned Corn (Regular and Creamed)   Canned / Cupped Apples   Deodorant - Men's and Women's
  Pickled Beets   Canned / Cupped Pineapples   Hand cream
  Black-eyed Peas


  Canned Spinach / Greens   Canned / Cupped Mixed Fruit   Cotton Balls
  Sauerkraut   Canned / Cupped Grapefruit    
  Canned Vegetables - Other   Canned / Cupped Oranges  

Cleaning Supplies

Groceries - Sauces / Gravy

  Canned / Cupped Apricots   Liquid Laundry Detergent
  Canned / Jar Spaghetti Sauce       Powdered Laundry Detergent
  Canned / Jar Alfredo Sauce   Raisins   Liquid Bleach


BBQ Sauce       Powdered Bleach
  Jar / Canned / Mix Chicken Gravy       Liquid Toilette Bowl Cleaner
  Jar / Canned / Mix Beef Gravy       Downey
  Velveeta Sauce / Cubes

Groceries - Soups

  Tomato Sauce We can use any type of canned, boxed or packets of soup and / or soup mixes.   Dryer Sheets
  Tomato Paste   Tomato Soup   Mr. Clean
  Crushed / Diced Tomatoes   Chicken Noodle Soup   Spic-N-Span
  Salsa   Vegetable Soup   Air Freshener
  Cream of Chicken   Vegetable Beef Soup   Cleanser (Comet)
  Cream of Mushroom   Wedding Soup    


    Clam Chowder    

Groceries - Condiments

  Potato Soup    
  Mayo   Beans -n- Bacon Soup    
  Mustard (Yellow and Brown)   Cup-A-Soup / Mrs. Grass    
  Ketchup   Chili    
  Relish   Chicken Dumpling    
  Pickles - All varieties   Beef Stew    
  Jalapeños   Corned Beef Hash    
  Yellow Peppers   Corn Chowder    

Groceries - Spices


Groceries - Baking Goods

  All Purpose Flour   Black Pepper    
      Garlic Powder    
      Crushed Red Pepper Flakes    
  Sugar   Cayenne Pepper    
  Brown Sugar   Rosemary    


    Vanilla Extract    
  Salt   Cinnamon    
  Vegetable Oil   Honey    

Groceries - Beverages

  Crisco   Hot Chocolate Packs (Swiss Miss)    
  Instant Oats   Kool-Aide Packs    
  Vinegar   Single Serve Drink Mixes    
  Bisquick Mix   Tang    

Groceries - Breakfast

  Coffee - Brew and Instant    
  Bagged / Boxed Cereals   Tea - Bags and Instant    
  Cereal Bars   Non-Dairy Creamers (Hazelnut, French Vanilla)    
  Granola Bars   Lemonade Powdered Mixes    

Groceries - Snacks / Sweets

  Fruit Bars   Crackers (Saltine & Snack)    


Pancake Mix / Syrup   Chips    




      Hard Candies    
      Pudding Mix / Pudding Cups (Chocolate & Vanilla)    
      Beef Sticks / Jerkey    



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