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Serving Area Military

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We believe that no veteran or active service member should be in need. Our military has volunteered to protect our nation and our way of life even at the risk of their own life and asks little to nothing in return. It is our responsibility as a thankful nation to make sure we assist these Heroes in any way we can.

“A nation that does not honor its heroes will not long endure.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

The SAM Center (Serving Area Military) is dedicated to honoring all service members, veterans and their widows. It is the mission of the SAM Center to honor their service and sacrifice, by providing support and hope through the love of the community.

We have been blessed with a large group of volunteers and donors that help the SAM Center honor our Heroes. The SAM Center is an all-volunteer and donor funded organization that provides aide, in many forms, to our veterans, active service members and their spouses and widows. These services range from a food pantry (The Commissary) to extensive assistance referral programs to help with housing, medical care, veteran benefits and much more. If a Hero needs help in any area, we will find a way to help or refer them to someone who can.

The SAM Center was founded in 2014 and has since assisted thousands of our veterans.

In 2016 alone, our volunteers and donors…

• Assisted 517 veterans with food assistance through the Commissary

• Provided 40 lodging kits to veterans transitioning from homelessness to housing

• Provided 29 quilts to our Heroes

• Provided 223 complete Thanksgiving meals that served over 1200 individuals

• Provided Christmas Gifts to 283 families

• Provided 122 Blessing Bags and 20 Hygiene Bags

• Provided Christmas dinner to 30 families

• Amassed well over 4,500 volunteer hours

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Serving Area Military 
SAM Center

413 Lincoln Way East
.Massillon, OH 44646

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